Monday, August 10, 2009

Yet Another Reason For MY Variable Weapon Damage Tables

Has anyone wondered why the heck the halfling in this picture (on the left) appears to be wielding a polearm when that particular weapon is specifically proscribed for his class by the B/X rule book?

I mean, perhaps it is some sort of ogre's fireplace poker, being used as a spear, but it sure does look suspiciously like some type of polearm weapon...and he seems to be using it to good effect.

Just thinking...


  1. Given its relative size compared to the halfling, the weapon in question is probably about four to five feet long... no way it's a polearm. I'd say it's just a spear with a little flavor-text attached to the tip.

  2. Looks like a bull-guisarme cut down to halfling size to me.

    page 7 of Holmes edit of basic: in "halflings"
    "They can use all the weapons and armor of a fighting man as long as it is "cut down" to their size."

  3. @JDJ: That certainly makes sense...except this wasn't an adventure designed for the Holmes' edition (as far as I'm aware) but specifically included with my Moldvay Basic set.

    Maybe B2 was published before Moldvay? Wow.

  4. B2 was published before Modvay basic. It was in one of my holmes edit D&D bxed sets.

  5. I believe early Holmes came with B1 and later prints came with B2. (Just speaking from what I've read...never owned Holmes.)