Sunday, August 23, 2009

Welp, I Died...

Diomedes, my 2nd level cleric of the Toad died.  Ugh!

I do have to get some sleep now (I've gotta' be up 'ere break o day for a hot air balloon ride), but I fully intend to do a complete run down of events both here and over at campaign blog site.

[and just FYI, I can think of at least three mis-steps that directly led to my demise, so I ain't blaming anyone but myself, though I would have liked to have lived a bit longer...]

Ok, ok, ok, "happy fingers" want to blog all night long but I absolutely HAVE TO get some sleep.  Later, gators!


  1. R.I.P. Diomedes. May his soul pollywog its way back to The Maker.

  2. You might feel differently if you had to see him use his tongue for "Cure Light Wounds".

  3. Your cleric can join my small army of dead level 1 fighters.

    It took until the sixth game session of our current game for me to get a fighter to level up. Now he's level 3, and is no longer the lowest-leveled member of the party since the elf got into "intimate" contact with a local level-draining undead.