Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Harry Potter...Damn You Time Suckage!

Man, it's been a slow last few days around the blog-o-verse.  Guess everyone's hard at work on real writing projects (or at real jobs).

Me, I continue to slump towards post 200.

Saw the latest Harry Potter movie tonight with the wife on the IMAX. So many great movies out right now, and we haven't seen a film all summer (the last one we went to was Wolverine, and that was for Mother's Day 'cause my mom wanted to see it...in her words, Hugh Jackman is "easy on the eyes"). Quite a good flick; not sure what people are complaining about.

I, of course, have read all the HP books. I actually got introduced to them a little after Book 4 was published...my nephews (whom I  have recently introduced to B/X) gave the first book to my wife, and she gave it to me after she was done. And then I read all of 'em back-to-back (well, as they were published anyway). They aren't fantastically great, but I'm a completist...once I start a series I want to finish it, at least if there's anything to grab me at all.

So it's been a few years since I've read the Half-Blood Prince and it seems like they got the crux of the matter (if you'll forgive the cheap pun) all out on the screen. Very well done, and I even enjoy the young romance stuff as well (truth be told, I'd rather watch teenagers "snog" than Ralph Fiennes sans nose and hair...but that's just me, I guess).  

I had forgotten how much action and high-powered sorcery is in these last couple books. The whole deal with the horcruxes, some of these "advanced" potions, and a couple of the charms and enchanted items are all cool things that might well make their way into a future B/X campaign. Certainly, my nephews would appreciate taking on an un-killable lich like Voldemort (is he really a lich? Just soul-less, I guess...like that dude with his heart hid in the jar in I3: Pharaoh).

Anyway, like I said, a slow day...heck, a slow week!...around the blogs with little I feel like commenting on, even the comments on my own blog. I have been feeling very inspired of late and hope that I'll be able to knock out a few pages of the Monster chapter (I know, I know...I keep saying that! Well, I keep hoping, too!).  We'll see what tomorrow brings; right now, it's time to hit the hay.

Hasta Manana, amigos!

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