Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Taking A Break (B/X Companion)

Well, today has accomplished quite a bit on the B/X Companion front: I’ve completed almost the entire magic item list (the majority of the treasure chapter). Keeping the font/lay-out the same as the Cook Expert set (which I think looks a bit squished) the total of the descriptions comes to almost six pages in length (double column, half-inch margins). That’s a total of 80+ magic item descriptions with only six to go (*whew*), many (most) of them new.

Two of the items have been left blank because one is for use with dominions and one with mass combat, both of which systems I’m still working on. Four other items will be added, though probably not till I get home (one is based on an existing item of the DMG and the other three need some fairly specific rules).

Total magic item descriptions added:

Swords: 7
Armor: 8+
Misc. Weapons: 9
Potions: 10
(added new spell level table)
New category: 17 (4 to go)
Rings: 6 (1 to go)
Wands, Staves, Rods: 7 added (1 to go)
Misc. Magic Items: 16

Wow, that is a TON of cool stuff. I did axe a couple from yesterday’s lists (did I REALLY need a potion of acid resistance? No…and how the hell would it work anyway?). Many of the items are cursed or have detrimental effects. All are suitable for high level play and/or for expanding the campaign boundaries.

One thing I noticed yesterday (from consulting my B/X and BECMI) that’s nice: the treasure tables themselves haven’t changed from Moldvay to Cook to Mentzer’s Companion (you know, the treasure type A-O or whatever?). This will sure make it a lot easier to keep the monsters stuff consistent (less work for me!). Hell, maybe I’ll just refer folks back to the earlier editions for treasure tables rather than try to stuff ‘em into my already over-worked document?


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