Saturday, August 15, 2009

On The Road Again

Just blarging out a quick post while my coffee pot percolates in the background.

Me and the fam are going to be trying to get into Canada (again) today. Last weekend we got turned back at the border, but now we've got all our docs in order so it should be smooth sailing to B.C. (knock on wood!).

Anyway, I am taking my "stuff" with me, including my trusty laptop (in case I get the urge to post something about life with our Northern Neighbors. But also because I really want to start doing the theory-hammer behind the mass combat. I can feel it begin to gel in my mind (the waters of inspiration tricking through the coffee grounds of knowledge to brew up a tasty system). Hopefully I'll get something down on paper this weekend.

In the shower this morning, I was contemplating where to PUT mass combat would thing in the Encounter section (since that's where combat goes). But A) I don't want to make the Encounter section (it's only 5 pages in Basic and 4 pages in Expert), is leading an army really an "encounter?" Maybe...if there's surprise involved!

Perhaps this will have to go in MY Part 9: Special Adventures section. As, well...we'll see how it shakes out.

Last weekend the wife was down to play some more B/X goodness (yay!) but I hadn't anticipated that and had left my dice and B2 at home (boo!). By the time we got back from the border, none of us were in the mood to play ANYthing. However, this time, I shall be prepared with all the "fixings" when we cross the border. to finish packing. Prost!

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