Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Completely Off Topic...No, Really

Rick Bayless is the the winner of Top Chef Masters. My wife and I, who have been dedicated watchers of this TV series since its 2nd season, are totally ecstatic...because we've been rooting for the Chicago chef since his first appearance this season.

My wife is Mexican. She is also an excellent cook, as is her mother (mi suegra). They're from Veracruz where the cusine is excellent. But consistently, for me anyway, Mexican cuisine (especially the south, central, and eastern parts of the country) have the best food in the world. And I say this as a person whose had delicious, delicious food in Japan, Germany, France, Austria, Prague, and Italy.

Anyway, my wife's favorite celebrity Rick Bayless.  Though a gringo, the guy has a handle on the traditions, the technique, and the passion of our southern neighbors.  We've been watching him since he first started showcasing his dishes on PBS. We've bought all his cook books, and given them as gifts to our gringo friends and relatives (my family, in other words).  For us, it was kind of inevitable he would win...he was a master chef cooking the best cuisine in the world.

In our not-so-humble opinions. 

Anyway the finale was wonderful, very sentimental, and the cuisine from all the chefs looked extremely tasty (what I wouldn't have given to be at that table when the food was served! Just a taste...please!). Congrats to all the chefs, but most of all Mr. Bayless who exhibited humility and positive energy throughout the whole season. If he's half as nice in person as he appears to be on (edited) television, the people of Chicago are fortunate to have him as a resident, let alone a master chef serving up excellent eats.

[see...I tried to tell you it was off topic. But this is MY blog, folks. We now return to our regular programming]

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