Sunday, August 16, 2009

Back in the U. S. of A.

A trip to B.C. for a Seattlite ain't no big thang...hell, it's practically a rite of passage when we turn 19. But it's still nice to be least I have internet access at home (unlike my hotel room).

One thing I will say...Vancouver is a magnificent town.

And that's really all I want do say about Canada right now, except that we had a lot of much so that I wasn't able to do more than take down my notes during the whole excursion. Today (Monday), I'll be trying to organize said notes into a working Mass Combat system...if I have a chance. Today's my day off, but it's also my in-laws' last day in town so I'm sure I'll be busy much of the day.

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  1. Vancouver's one of my all time favorite North American cities...I hold some very fond memories of Kitsilano and Gas Town. Quebec City might have to be up there as well though...Very, very cool city.

    Welcome Home.