Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jeez…Coming Together Quick Now

Went on a tear and put down all dominion rules (including some additional rules for character classes that don’t exercise dominion, specifically halflings and thieves). Can’t believe it was so simple (maybe I’m forgetting something) but it came out to just under two pages, double columned, with just enough room to add an illustration.

Man…what am I going to do about art for this mother?

I’m starting to get a bit worried about the page count. Even short-changing Part 2, 4, and 8 it is going to be way tight. I’ve pretty much decided that Mass Combat is going to go in the Encounter section (it’s just another type of Encounter after all), which means I can devote a simple 1-2 page Part 9 (Special Adventures) to something weird like other planes and dimensions…maybe a shout-out to John Carter’s Mars?

Realized there’s still some stuff to clean up in the Mass Combat section (including how XP is awarded) and things that need to be moved elsewhere (Smiths! Back to Part 4!).

It’s Part 6: Monsters that’s really making me nervous. I should probably complete that sooner rather than later, as I anticipate the page count to be the most problematic. Mmm…I may need to drop some critters from my Companion. Aaarrgh!


  1. You could always shunt the extra monsters into a monster book. Dungeon Masters love monster books.

  2. Surely you must be joking.

    In all honesty, I think I'll be able to include everything I want (I hope); mainly I'm afraid I may be forgetting and leaving things OUT in other parts of the rules.

    If I do cut a few monsters, it certainly won't be enough to warrant a monster book. Instead I'll write a couple/three modules and include the extra monsters "in the back." Let someone else compile 'em (along with the other imaginative creations floating around in B/X land).
    : )

  3. I realize you are trying to meet a 64 page count. But that was imposed by the printing methods of the day. It's not so important these days. Why not expand to, say, 72 pages? You're self-imposing a limitation purely as part of an homage. You are, apparently, going to have to compromise in one way or another. So take one for the team, again, and put out the superior product.

  4. Sturat: Sometimes editing something down to size produces the superior product. In this case I agree he could write it to be bigger than 64 pages, but then go through an editing process to trim it back. I totally see the format is part of the goal of the project.

  5. Hey, folks...the 64 page count is my personal vanity. Of course, this whole exercise IS a "vanity project."

    On a practical note, if I end up putting these things together myself, 32 pages of 11" x 17" paper are easier to staple down the middle than 36.
    ; )

    @ Dyson: I am in total agreement that MORE does not necessarily = BETTER.