Thursday, August 27, 2009

Daylight Come And Me Wanna' Go Home...

After last night’s sushi-inspired post (the wife and I singing Little Mermaid songs on the way home from the restaurant certainly contributed as well), I nearly didn’t come into work today. Half a bottle o wine and less than six hours o sleep just kills me…but I did make it in, and on time, too.

Not that I have been anything but worthless this morning. Fortunately staff meetings have occupied most of my time…otherwise I have just been surfing Dragonsfoot forums (thank god I didn’t go through these BEFORE I began my Companion project…I never would have started! So many opinions, so many BECMI and Mentzer fans, so many house rules and different ways to play! Ugh…I truly wonder what kind of interest this little project will generate when completed…).

Mmm…staff meetings.

Gotta’ admit, it’s difficult to come up with substantive posts when my brain is full and my body is on auto-pilot. My fingers want to type, but putting things together in a coherent fashion is a challenge. Ah, well…one of the things I’m working on in this present life incarnation is NOT allowing perfectionist perceptions to stall me from action. It’s one of the great reasons my 64 page Companion is such a nice little exercise…I am forced to leave things on the cutting room floor, hopefully making it better.

Huh…just noticed that some people have been commenting on my sushi post…very kind of them. This is a perfect example of what I’m talking about. I’ve been trying to write up the Ponaturi forever, but the idea was daunting. So many amphibious humanoids already lurking around the D&D world after all…bullywugs, locathah (the REAL murlocs), lizard men even. I knew what I wanted, but how to get there in a simple way, still leaving room for other DMs to use the critter as their own?

Well, it’s down in writing now (“copyright JBeezie,” as my brother would say). Now I can move on to greater undead, I suppose.

Ugh…I am looking forward to sleeping a bit tonight, maybe even this afternoon if I can swing it. As my blog swiftly approaches its 200th post (not to worry, I have something already in mind, though NOT Companion-related) I can’t help but be slightly amazed/amused/disgusted at the hundred o pages linked under the Blackrazor title bar…if I’d bother putting together an outline or two, I could probably bang out a paperback novel in the same length of time. Ah, well…we all have different strengths and mine is running my brain in random RPG thoughts.

Wow…it’s already lunch time. Think I’ll grab a Quiznos.

: )

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