Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From The Friggin' Horse's Mouth...

From the Dungeons and Dragons Basic Rulebook (Tom Moldvay, p. B61):


This concludes the D&D BASIC rules. While it is not possible to cover everything that might happen in a game, the ideas here give a solid framework to build on. And there is more to come! The D&D EXPERT SET expands the game, with lots of new monsters, spells, treasures, and information for character levels 4-14. The D&D COMPANION SUPPLEMENT adds even more, and explains characters to 36th level. 

It "adds even more." Yeah, it sure does.

Maybe I'll get this turkey finished by the time of the 30th anniversary of its mention, maybe I'll get it finished before. But I just hope I get it's been a loooong time coming.

I know "Dungeons and Dragons" is trademarked as intellectual property, but I wonder if the term "D&D" is...I'd love to use it in the title to my B/X Companion, even if I don't reference what it stands for.


  1. Sorry to say but I believe D&D is infact trademarked

  2. Ah, well.

    "If wishes were fishes we'd all have some fried."

    : )

  3. I see companies named D&D all the time, and they obviously have trademarks on their name. Like D&D Dental and architectural firms and such.

    Then again, Gygax changed the name of his post-D&D game system at the demand of TSR. It was originally Dangerous Dimensions and he changed it to Dangerous Journeys.

    Might it be possible to trademark "UD&D" as "Unaffiliated with Dragons or Dungeons"? ;)