Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick WPM Notes...

I actually got the whole White Plume Mountain conversion written up Saturday evening, but didn’t have a chance to post it (with links and such) till this morning. I took Sunday off from the computer completely to spend some QT with the fam (and get introduced to some community activisim).

It’s been a fairly creative last couple months, and while I realize converting old modules to B/X “ain’t no big thang,” it was still a fun exercise. Plus I figured out a way to do a sphinx which is something I’ve been struggling with for my B/X Companion (I believe my sphinx will be closer to Mentzer’s in the BECMI Master book, but I needed a way to make it more mid-level friendly for White Plume Mountain…the “young sphinx” is a nice compromise). Ugh…once again, struggling with tweaking things “perfect” (doesn’t happen). lack of computer work Sunday, as well as packing tonight and familial obligations tomorrow (Dad will be in town and we’re taking him to dinner!) means I am NOT going to be putting the finishing touches on my Companion prior to leaving for Montana Wednesday. However, while I fully intend to do a ton of hiking with the beagles, I WILL be bringing my laptop and sketch book with me. I need to start working on some line-drawings (I think I’ve managed to round up a couple of amateur illustrators with two more “possibles,” but I’m pretty sure I’ll be contributing my own artwork as well…Siembieda, eat your heart out!).

I suspect posting will be scarce over the next week (though don’t hold me to that) as I should focus any “spare” writing time on my supplement.

Hmmm…although I MAY have an idea for a follow-up to this morning’s WPM work….

: )


  1. Looking forward to it. S2 was one of those favorite dungeons players used to love to go through to get Black Razor, if my memory serves me right.

    Is this your first conversion of an older module or do you have another?

  2. This is my first conversion BACKWARDS (i.e. AD&D to B/X play).

    I've done at least two or three conversions of old AD&D modules to D20 (*shudder*): the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan and Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl for example.

    Hmmm...though come to think of it when I was heavy into BECMI play (around about 2005 or so?) I may have done some conversions...mainly to fit modules I liked into the Mystara "Known World." But mostly, these would have simply been sketchy notes, not useable write-ups.

    At least, I HOPE this write-up is useable....
    ; )