Saturday, August 22, 2009

Absinthe Post...Sorry!

Gaah! You kids today!  With your "gold pieces" and your coke and your whores! What do you know about "tough times?"  Gah!

I've been drinking absinthe cocktails tonight while watching belly dancers and eating some (very paltry) Franch cuisine...then I had a little community theater improv for dessert. I tell you this: Greenwood (Seattle) is God's Country.

Just so you know.

Dammit beagles! "Donkey" (as I refer to the younger beag) continues to bay at a cat outside, and is definitely in need of a beating which I will probably NOT administer (knowing me). But he's interrupting my brain wave, dammit!

BEFORE the absinthe bar, the wife and I stopped by the local game store and I made a terrific find...not one, but TWO (2) copies of the Holmes' Basic set in the used game frigging BOXES!  Not only that, they each included a module, in addition to the game book.

[not that they included any dice, BUT...]

HERE's the kicker. One box had B1: In Search of the Unknown. The other box came with B2: The Keep On The Borderlands!  I was having this debate earlier (either on this blog or another) about what module came published with the game...apparently it was an EITHER/OR kind of thing.

As I've never owned a copy of the Holmes edition (!!) I've made plans to publish BOTH boxes (couldn't get 'em tonight as my hands were full, walking the dogs). The copy of B2 was in frigging PRISTINE condition...I've never seen a module look so clean, stiff and unused. I mean, f'ing MINT, like never opened...and it has to be AT LEAST 30 YEARS OLD.

I'm going back to the shop first thing in the morning. If someone picked 'em up after I left the shop (unlikely since I was in there 15 minutes before close) I will kick myself for a good, long while. 

Shoot. There was also a box of Mentzer's Companion set that I considered picking up (just to have a copy) but the booklets were in worse condition than my own 1.5 sets...and do I really need a box?

But the Holmes...shit, I'm gonna' buy both. F-- it.

'Night fellas...gotta go beat the beagles (they're BOTH howling now).


  1. Cool! I love the Holmes editon! I bought mine a few years ago, and found some decent companions for the game. I blogged about them here.

  2. I think I need to eat some mushrooms to get the full effect of this post.