Friday, August 21, 2009

Vainglorious Campaigns

So I was eating lunch…a meatball sandwich from Seattle’s 2nd best sandwich shop, Tat’s…and thinking about my favorite film maker of all time: Quentin Tarantino. I don’t believe any of his films are my favorite of all time (that would probably be a tie between Casablanca and The Life Aquatic…and possibly Peter Jackson’s King Kong). But consistently, I’ve quite enjoyed his films.

And as I was thinking about QT, and wondering if I should try to catch his latest greatest sometime this weekend (still haven’t seen the latest Hairy Bottom film, and my wife would like to catch that in the theater), and, AND I can’t help but think how well Mr. Tarantino’s films can act as analogies to past role-playing campaigns and/or characters with which I’ve been involved.

Whether identified by plot, theme, or something else, I present the following list for my own amusement as much as anyone else’s:

*Reservoir Dogs: my Last (AD&D) campaign
True Romance: my 2nd (AD&D) campaign
Pulp Fiction: my Original (B/X-AD&D) campaign
Four Rooms: Over The Edge (lots of finger chopping)
Jackie Brown: Advanced Marvel Superheroes (Blitz & Mr. Slash); also Bladehawk (character)
*From Dusk Till Dawn: my first Vampire the Masquerade saga
Kill Bill vol. 1&2: Shadow Run with hints of 1st edition Stormbringer
*Death Proof: my original, long running AD&D character

I wonder what I’ll equate Inglourious Basterds with…it’s been a long-time since I’ve run (or played in) a game with more than a couple sessions.

Actually, I'm not wondering that much; even just watching the previews I’m already associating the film in my mind with Pat’s On-Line B/X Campaign.

I DO wonder if any of our characters will be dying tomorrow night.

* means an especially good example/analogue of the campaign/character

: )

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  1. Mmm...not-so-honorable mention for NBK, whose "story" is credited to QT, but whose content was f'd by Oliver Stone. If I WAS going to include it as a QT film, I'd equate it with Alejandro & Co. But I'm not.