Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nukes Into Ploughshares

From the Seattle Times front page.

Man, I just think it’s awesome that U.S. is starting to get back into the diplomacy business rather than simply pointing OUR “weapons of mass destruction” at folks. Right on, Bill!

[Sorry, if my liberal politics offends anyone…rest assured that if Korea ever develops an ICBM capable of hitting the USA, Seattle liberals with our Boeing and air bases will probably be their first target…so far, I’m not worried in the slightest]

; )
***EDIT: Anyone who does NOT think negotiation goes with D&D gaming hasn't been reading my recent blog entries. Check 'em out.***


  1. Hey, I'm all about Slick Willie. He got in and got those journalists out, without any threats or intimidation. I say more power to him.

  2. Except they were not journalists, the US has admitted that they are spies. The questions is why has Al Gore set up "Current TV" as a cover organization for US spies? Why does Obama need Gore's tv station to send out spies under cover of being journalists?

  3. Pretending to be journalists probably works better than saying "Hey, we're spies... you mind if we chill for awhile?"