Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spartacus, Gin, and Tonic

Took a break from the "madness" today, meaning no mailings. Well, barely did any writing on my other "mad" projects either (got caught up in work-type-work). However, the main reason for the lack of post office flurrying was my lack of vehicle today (the beagles needed a teeth cleaning...very pearly-white right now). I've got five new orders and they'll be going out manana. was hell. It's almost enough to make one want to stage a slave revolt at the office. I'm sure some of you working stiffs out there can relate (probably not Raggi, though...he's living the dream).

Thinking about the historical Spartacus as a model for gladiator type action on the B/X playing field makes me even MORE sure (I guess I'm up to 110%) that I don't want to separate Fighters into additional, crowd-pleasing classes (didn't the Big S lead a few thousand troops around the mountains of southern Italia?). I think simple arena rules, probably based on standard Reaction rolls (and thus subject to Charisma modifiers) is the usual system du jour to use.

On the other hand, I don't want to go TOO over-the-top with arena rules...after all, I'm not writing a Circus Maximus game based on B/X. What I AM doing, is knocking off a certain campaign setting published by a certain game company that tends to stink up the joint (in my not so humble opinion). That's right, you heard me...a CAMPAIGN SETTING.

Why a campaign setting, you ask? And well you should. I could give you the long answer (or just post a .pdf of the introduction, already written, which explains my exact feelings on the subject)...or I could just say: because.

Because I can. And frankly, because I think I can do it smaller, and cheaper, and better (if perhaps not glossier).

But we'll see. Right now, the main thing I'm worried about is the "smaller" part. I'm certain I can boil everything down to 64 pages...but I'm shooting for 32-40. It'll be meaty and probably short on illustrations (by the way, I love-Love-LOVE my artists from the B/X Companion, but at this point I don't feel I can exploit them more than I already have. Someone ought to get paid, and that means less art over-all I'm afraid)...but I want to show what can be done. And I mean "done nice and tidy."

[like my G&T here...*clink*]

By the by...if you think I'm talking about a retro-clone of a certain 2nd edition game world, you definitely ARE mistaken. Reading Mr. Maliszewski's recent musings on "game world bloat" really touched a chord in my heart, and anything I make is going to be as short and sweet...and possible.

Which is going to mean sharpening up my editing skills...and definitely leaving some stuff on the floor.

All drink is finished and it's time to walk the beagles. From what I hear, they had a helluva' day, too. Later, gators!
: )

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