Friday, August 20, 2010

B/X Companion: Ready for SALE!

And so we embark on the grand Capitalist adventure.

I'm not much of a capitalist. Truth be told, my values are mainly socialist. I freely admit this, even though I'm sure my Republican opponents will use this statement on my blog to attack me someday in the future when I'm running for office. Fuck 'em.

ANYway, the book is now for sale...hitting the PayPal "Buy" button on this blog should (if I set it up correctly) take you to an order site where you can pass me money and your mailing/shipping information. That's the grand hope anyway. And then the money will somehow get deposited into a newly minted bank account for Yours Truly.

By the way...what the hell is up with Greenwood? Is everyone in this neighborhood a closet gamer? I'm down at the bank this afternoon opening an account for Running Beagle Games, and the hot chick who's helping me just wants to know more and more about my role-playing game and tell me how much she's into old school Dungeons & Dragons and writing short stories about her character (a cleric apparently). Then the bank manager comes over to meet me ('cause I opened a new account) and HE'S like, "so you wrote an RPG? I'm a total gamer..." and HE starts talking about how he loves role-playing games.

I asked the bank people if there was a secret club somewhere I needed to know about.

Crazy. Even one of the printer ladies (NOT in Greenwood) wanted to talk about her role-playing and how excited she was for me and my book. And, no, these people don't even know about the blog.

I guess it's just like the pot-smoking population of Seattle. The folks I know who smoke weed (I do not) assure me that one-quarter to one-half of the adults in this town are at least occasional tokers...but you'd never know it unless you were "of the type." Apparently, there's a bunch of underground gamers, too. Now if only I could find a way to organize 'em.

Or tap the market. Now THAT would be very "Capitalistic" of me.
; )

[yes, I just compared closet gamers to dope sue me]


  1. yes, I just compared closet gamers to dope sue me

    It would not surprise me to learn that there was some overlap in those two populations.

    I ordered my copy five minutes ago. Congratulations on making the Companion a reality.

  2. I have a great story of unexpected gamers.

    I do designs for the "rag trade" and one day I'm having a smoke with one of the guys in the screen printing shop. This guy sports full sleeves and neck tattoos etc. It was hot out and he had shorts on. What to I spy on his calf but the tentacled bunny/log creature illustration straight out of Expedition to Barrier Peaks tattooed on his leg!

  3. To be honest I was worried you'd sell out before I got off work. I've been very excited for this project for a long time. I can't wait.

  4. I, too, have put my money where my mouth is. Cant' wait to see it. 8)

  5. @ Paul: Your book is in the mail.

    @ Blue and Badger: Sorry, yours should go out tomorrow morning.
    : )

    @ B. Portly: I am constantly surprised. I don't know why. I don't think *I* particularly look like the archetypal gamer.

  6. So that's where all the gamers have gone! They're still around, they're just undercover. In Seattle.

  7. @ Kelvin: I detect some sarcasm?

    You'll have to excuse me. I am continuously astounded to find I'm not the only "weird gamer dude" around.
    ; )

  8. Oh no, no sarcasm at all. Maybe a little humour, but no sarcasm!

  9. Spent my money. I look forward to reading it and perhaps reviewing it at my blog.

  10. I doubt you'll ever find this comment, but I'm just now coming back to gaming after--what seems to be--an identical style of hiatus that befell some many 1st edition era players. And I'm thrilled with joy at the OSR treasure trove of new stuff. I realize I'm way late to the game, but I sure would love to get my (no, I'm not going to say grubby) hands on a copy of your original B/X Companion. It sounds fascinating for a number of reasons: the new combat modes and monsters in particular. I already have the PDF, but I can't help it if I want a print book. Do you have any extra left from the last printings saved for your grandchildren that I could perhaps bribe you out of one? :) Anyway, all the best. It sounds like a great effort.