Friday, August 20, 2010

First Print Run (FINALLY) Finished

Just picked up the crate from the printer. They look pretty good. Good enough, anyway.
; )

I'll be working on adding the PayPal button to Ye Olde Blog over the next couple days, so expect posting to be light unless I figure shit out immensely quick. Also, I'm going to need some way to track orders and addresses for mailing.

For those who absolutely cannot wait, I am heading down to Gary's today to sell the first couple, so you can buy it retail if you're in Seattle.

After that, I'm going to buy a cheap picture frame to frame a buck. I'm really no entrepreneur...that would be my brother, who (after close to 15 years) is broke, homeless, and driving a car the bank has been trying to repo for more than 12 months. Business is hard...AB is smart, charming, hard working, and honest to a fault (with the exception of his semi-stolen ride)'s just tough to make things work. I have no delusions myself (well, maybe a couple...) but I AM excited.

All right, all right...gotta' run some errands.

Oh, yeah...folks are wanting to know how much it's going to cost 'em.


That includes shipping and handling to anywhere in the USA or Canada. The postage rates aren't supposed to change anytime soon, so that should be good for awhile.

For folks outside the USA or Canada, I'll have to check on a case-by-case basis.

Thanks for waiting, folks.
: )


  1. Beyond my budget, sadly. Sigh. How much will you be asking for the PDF version?

  2. @ Tim: I WANT to get you pictures...unfortunately, my wife has the digital camera in Mexico right now. Pix will have to wait for later this week.

    @ Mike: I'm working on it, man! Just finished my first sale. Woo-hoo!

    @ Glaurung: Sorry to hear that! I'm not sure about the .pdf version yet...that's a bit down the road. But I will let you know!

  3. Seriously I'm sorta jonesing for this product. Do you think the buy link will be up today? Tomorrow? By Monday?

  4. JB - can you tell me how many pages it runs? I'll be reporting on this in tomorrow's News post and want to provide as much info as possible. Also, any chance of your posting a back cover blurb? :)


  5. @ James: The blurb...shit! I still need to get that for Gary's! Ummm...give me 5-10 and I'll write something up. Where's my wine?!

  6. @ James: Ok,'s your blurb (no, it's not on the back cover):

    The B/X Companion: a doorway to higher level gaming!

    The B/X Companion is a fantasy adventure game designed to supplement existing old school RPGs, especially those basic and expert games of Gygax and Arneson as edited by Moldvay, Cook, and Marsh. The game is not designed to stand alone, but is intended to add to existing games, providing the tools for high level adventures, including mighty spells and magic items and opponents fierce enough to challenge even the strongest warlord or wizard. 64 pages make the game a handy reference at any Old School gaming table, including extended combat and save matrices, rules for unarmed and mass combat, ideas on expanding your game universe and cosmology, as well as information on how to rule your dominion. These rules are NOT a retro-clone of any existing game, but rather a re-imagining of a supplement that never was, designed to complete earlier rule sets and provide a springboard to even greater adventure! Here there be adventure!