Thursday, August 12, 2010


So my printer's machine is broken. Again. This time it's "the folder" (I suppose something that folds paper? Just guessing here).

I was supposed to take possession tonight and have 'em in time for Dragonflight (which is starting tomorrow for folks not in the Pac NW "gaming loop"). Now, it looks like they won't be ready till tomorrow afternoon (if I'm lucky)...and I'm supposed to be in the middle of a game at that time.

Which means...shit. That's what it means. It means I probably won't have the books till Monday. Which means I probably won't even get 'em to Gary's till Wednesday or Thursday (when their buyer is available). Ugh.

Meanwhile, I'm not setting up the PayPal account till I have books in hand, ready for delivery. Sorry, folks.



  1. Ah, the life of a small time hobby publisher! Hang in there, buddy. I'm ready to buy whenever product is available, but I'm a patient fellow.

  2. Sorry to hear about these problems amigo. I can't imagine how frustrating that is.

  3. When it rains it pours! Hang in there. Things will work out.

  4. Come on JB, smack that printer around and get those books out.

  5. @ Tim: What's that saying about catching more flies with sugar or something...then again, I was never particular to flies.

    @ Everyone: the printer I'm using are real professionals, we've just had some bad luck. They want to make sure the product looks good, too.

    : )