Thursday, August 12, 2010

O You Bastards...

That used copy of Dark Sun is missing the last 15 pages or so from the "Wanderer's Journal;" basically all the monster section.

Welp, that's the price of getting something used. I knew it was missing the maps already, but maps aren't what I wanted it for. What I wanted was to check out the rules/background and see if I could use it/adapt it to make a B/X campaign setting.

The answer: oh so very easily.

In fact, in my not so humble opinion, I'm pretty sure I could make a knock-off better than the setting as presented. Yes, this may just be my ego talking (or my fever...I've been running one over 100 degrees since last night)...but I'm pretty sure I could grind a little tasty treat out of this post-apocalyptic fantasy setting. And, yeah, it would be fairly easy.

Of course, it wouldn't be exactly the same...after all, I can go with the cheetah-like elves and (mostly) with the hairless dwarves. But cannibal halflings? Come on now! That's just...ugh!

Games Workshop's Warhammer has long had running gags about the appetites of halflings and their potential for cannibalism, but it's been just that: a gag. A joke. To make it a serious and sincere part of the game world...? I don't know if it's twisted enough that I like it or if it's too absurd even for my fevered brain. I think the latter.

I have a convention to go to tomorrow, and I'm supposed to be running a B/X game (the same one that got assed-out last Sunday), AND I am still sick. I need to get better in the next 24 hours. How to turn off my brain so I can sleep???


  1. Yeah, I picked up a copy of the Dark Sun boxset with the intentions of doing pretty much the exact same thing.

    For me, what stuck out about the Dark Sun halfling culture wasn't the cannibal thing, but rather how it was a legit tribal culture with its own idiosyncrasies, rather than just ripping off Native American tribal culture again. The encouragement to wander and learn the rituals of other cultures, their beliefs about personal property and taking from the earth, that's the stuff that got me enthusiastic about them.

    Plus, I figure that in a blasted, apocalyptic world like Athas, everyone's at least a little cannibalistic.

  2. I have a complete boxed set including maps if you're interested. :)I'd trade it for say... a B/X Companion.

  3. @ Jamie: Oh, I agree...characters should be in danger of anyone eating them (or enslaving them or whatever)...but to single out halflings as the major just paints an ugly picture in my mind.

    @ Ghost: Thanks, but I think I'm good...whatever I do, I'll want it substantially different from the original, and that will probably mean different critters and different maps anyway. Don't tempt me!

  4. I've got pictures! But seriously I was disappointed to see you'd bought a copy when I had just decided to get rid of mine. I'd like to give it a good home instead of going to some collector who will never use it.

  5. Yeah, I started out doing a Spellcraft & Swordplay hack of Dark Sun and just ended up doing my own thing.

  6. Dark Sun is awesome. Personally I like anything that makes the cute halflings more freshened up.