Friday, August 6, 2010

Downloads, Printing, and Prepping

That's what I'm doing today. Still working out the kinks with my printer (fortunately they are super-accommodating and my cover artist is a gem among men for helping get the formatting right...thanks Brian!). I won't have the new proof until Monday, unfortunately, but if it turns out good, I should be able to get the first run finished no later than Friday.

Oh boy...maybe I shouldn't be counting my chickens too soon...

Meanwhile I don't think I have any new random tables for people this week, though folks have been plenty busy downloading the headgear and death throes tables from earlier. What does it say about my readers that more people have downloaded the death tables than the hats? Hmmm...

Actually, I have to say that one of the coolest things (for me) about mediafire is that it tracks the number of downloads for each document. Want to know the top downloads? Of course you do:

#1 Revised Variant Combat.pdf - this is a complete surprise to me, that people would want to see the "attack-less" combat system. I assume it must be sheer curiosity, as I've got very few comments and only one email regarding the system...and I've only known one person to try it out. Meanwhile other bloggers are trying their own hands at cleaning up combat that seem completely un-related to my table. Anyone want to give me some feedback here? Anyone?!

[hmm...the numbers on this one might actually have been thrown off because I revised it and re-issued it, so some of these might have been "double downloads"]

#2 Clockwork.pdf - this one-page micro game of mechanical gunfighters has been a hot download...which is cool, because this is probably my favorite non-D&D (definitely my favorite non-B/X) project on which I'm working. 'Course the project's been mostly on hold ever since I put out the micro-game...

#3 BX Against the Cult of the Reptile Gods - Again, this is a bit of a surprise to me, considering there aren't even maps available for it! And people bitterly complained that this beat out Q1 on the poll of "what should I convert next." Sheesh, folks!

#4 BX White Plume Mountain - And N1 beat out S2? Come on! At least the maps are available for WPM as a free download from WotC! What...were there just too many typos in my version? I'll need to go check that out...

#5 A Chronicle of Mutation.pdf - Another one-page micro game, this one based on the Cathedral freelancers of the Mutant Chronicles RPG. The interesting thing is not that it's #5 on the list of downloads, but that 50 Ways to Die has actually tied it for total number of downloads.

Anyway BX Headgear would be #6 if I cared about anything outside the Top 5 (of course I do! I care about all my little "babies"). But, hey...the cool thing is that people are looking at this stuff (even if they're just deleting it later).
; )

Anyway, no NEW random tables on the agenda for today (sorry)...instead I'll be spending my time prepping for Sunday's possible B/X game. I say "possible" because I've got no emails asking for chairs to be reserved...I may well just be playing with whomever stops in the game shop Sunday afternoon. Welp, regardless, it will give me a chance to try a dry run of an adventure I'd like to run at next weekend's Con. I wish I could elaborate here, but I don't want to spoil anything for anyone that might be showing up. I promise I WILL give a full run-down after next Sunday.
: )

Have a great Friday folks! It's cool and cloudy in Seattle today...perfect gaming weather!

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  1. JB, could you email me the combat variant chart? Having problems again... Thanks, K.