Thursday, August 26, 2010


Me, that is. Completely blew it and left 5 orders on the table this morning that should have been delivered to the post office. Instead, I won't have a chance to mail them till tomorrow morning.

Sorry, folks...that was a complete jackass move. I apologize for failing to deliver your goods in a timely fashion.


  1. Just to let you know, I received my copy today! Haven't had a chance to look over it with any depth, but I am loving what I see! I'll provide a more in depth review on my blog: when I have a chance to fully look over it.

  2. JB - are you going to do a pdf as well as hard-copy?

  3. @ Zarmoff: Man, I am looking forward to it. The more feedback I can get, the (hopefully) better I can make the next book. Though honestly, I'm just glad the books are arriving in one piece. Thanks for buying!

    @ Matthew: No ETA on a .pdf man. I know this bites for the folks that are using their laptops @ the table but I'm a throwback kinda' I've got hardcopies to sell! Hopefully, soon, but like I said, no ETA. Sorry!