Saturday, August 14, 2010

More Jim Burns

The Doctor asked that I post a few more pieces of art from the the Lightship are some of the illustrations I could find on the net that are in the book and that I find particularly inspiring:

If I didn't mention it before, I know I discussed with Kris this morning that I draw more inspiration from science-fiction artwork than from most fantasy stuff (for instance, I'm not a raving fan of Boris Vallejo). I just feel that sci-fi is"open ended." I mean, it's STILL "fantasy artwork" but there's no real prohibition on what can be depicted. At least not in "weird sci-fi" (I'm not even going to discuss hard science sci-fi as that is a whole heaping can of rant that I do NOT want to open this morning!). And I dig the weird stuff.

These images I've posted? I could create a completely different RPG based on each one. Or at least, three completely different campaign/world settings. That's awesome.

Perhaps a side-project for next weekend...
; )


  1. Yes...that first one in particular.

  2. Whenever I need some visual Sci-Fi inspiration I click on this link:

    It blows my puny mind. Every time. Even though it takes vorever to load.

  3. I knew I had seen some of this work before!

    Omni magazine... That second pic...