Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Comments on the Book

My internet was down most of today (until after 9:30pm, actually)...but little packages are starting to arrive at their destinations (at least in the U.S.) and some feedback is starting to trickle in.

I don't want to spend too much time tooting my own horn (I don't think that's why folks tune into the blog...well, who knows why folks tune into the blog!) but I will post a couple links and emails:

Mr. Gorman provides his initial impressions here.

BlUskrEEm can't figure out how to delete his blog, so he posted about the book. He thinks I hate halflings. On the other hand, he thinks my mass combat system might be good enough for at least one of the people that's been blogging about M.C. lately.

Steve sent me an email saying he really digs the book and plans to fit it into his B/X modified campaign, including my alternate combat system.

Steven (different guy) emailed me to see if I'd gotten his money yet and whether or not I had a book to send him(!). I told him I had already mailed it (I really did, I promise!).

Timeshadows thought her copy "looked lovely" but is still too busy with her move to read it. But she lives in Florida! I'm sure the Canadians should be getting their copies soon.

Okay...you can see I'm not really that good at the shameless self-promotion thing. I mean, other than blogging the hell out of the bloggity-blog-blog...but that's just running my mouth with my fingers. Maybe it's just been all the late nights stuffing envelopes has fatigued my brain a bit?

I'm going to bed now...hopefully I'll have something more interesting to write about in the morning. G'night.


  1. Any chance one can look at the table of contents to see what's actually in the book?
    Or better yet, some sample pages?


  2. I was thinking (once my copy arrives and I get a chance to read it) of doing a review of B/X C on my video blog.

  3. @ Antonio: My wife's back from Mexico (with the camera!), so I might be able to post some pictures this evening. There are sample pages scattered throughout the blog (I was posting things as I was writing), however, some of these have been edited/refined since the project began.

    @ Bighara: Totally cool! Aren't you in the US? You should be getting yours today or tomorrow, I believe.
    : )

  4. It's definately hard to promote yourself- to take a quick tangent, one of the biggest problems new recruits in the military face is making themselves sound good on their evals. If they don't make themselves sounds good, then the guys reading the evals (who are in charge of promotions) aren't going to think they sound good, so the egotist with a taste for exaggerating gets the promotion instead of the humble guy.

    The point I'm trying to make is that it takes practice to be able to recount what you've done and realize that what seems like "regular work" to you is incredible to somebody else with less talent, dedication, and drive. After all, you've produced what sounds like a pretty cool product, so you deserve a little bit of notice ;)

  5. @ N.: thank you for the kind words.
    : )

  6. @JB Looking forward to it. I t just finished the last Harry Dresden book that my friend had to loan me ("Small Favor"), so I've got a gap in my reading to fill.