Sunday, August 22, 2010

Somewhere in Seattle...

...someone has a copy of the B/X Companion in their hands.

I was down at Gary's today, hanging out to see if anyone wanted to join in some old B/X fun. As was the case two Sundays ago, no one showed up. Ah, well. I think I'm just going to have to take the D&D goodness to the Thursday night gaming group.

However, I did see that one of the copies of the book sold to Gary's Games, had been purchased. No idea who, but apparently someone interested in Old School gaming.

Now selling the book isn't anything new...I mean, I've sold one-third of the print run in the last two days. However, while books have been mailed out, I'm not expecting anyone to get anything before mid-week. Which means I'm not expecting any feedback on the book till Tuesday at the earliest.

But someone has the book. As I type this post. Some stranger I don't know and have probably never met is holding the book in his or her hands...or at least has it sitting in a shopping bag, waiting for reading later.

That's pretty darn cool. I sure hope he/she enjoys it!
: )


  1. How many copies do you have left at Gary's?

  2. They bought two just to see what the interest was. When I left there today (around 2:30) one copy was still left on display. I don't know if they're going to want more...I won't have a chance to speak with Tim (the store manager) till probably Thursday or so. Who knows if I'll have any left to give 'em by then...
    ; )

    They are closed for today, so I don't know if the last one's still there.

  3. When payday comes -- I am so buying this... Congrats!