Sunday, March 27, 2011

A-Z Challenge

So, I forgot to mention that I signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge for April 2011 (#502 on the list). I'm not the only RPG (or OSR) blog on the list...I got hipped to the challenge through Mike at Sword +1 after all...but I am kind of surprised there ain't more names on the list I recognize.

Maybe everyone's busy with the One Page Dungeon Contest?

Anyway, you can expect a weird alphabet soup from Yours Truly in the month of April. Though I will be making an effort for the posts to revolve around a single theme, namely:

Things Needed for a Kick-Ass D&D Campaign.

[as opposed to one that sucks]

We'll see if I can pull it off. I have been a little tired lately.
; )


  1. From one A-Zer to another, I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Hell, is there a section of the blog talking about what the A-Z is?

  3. @ Higgi: Thanks!

    @ Joe: Here's a link to the original "challenge post" in 2010.

  4. I think I'm going to do this as well. I'm just not sure what I'm doing yet. 8)

  5. Gearing up as well.

    I plan to follow all the A to Z posts and looking forward to what everyone does.

    I have a list of the participating RPG/OSR blogs here,

  6. @ Tim: Awesome, man...I will be using your blog to follow the other OSR blogs on the subject.
    : )