Friday, March 18, 2011

Right On.

Again, this will be quick, as I'm going back to bed right after the beagles are done eating.
Last week's game was pretty fun. THIS week's game? Awesome.

Getting rid of skill checks worked great. Dropping endurance points and streamlining spell-casting worked great, too...and greatly speeded up combat. The new karma rules? Spot on. Plus we got to see a firefight in a stairwell (elevated position rules, not to mention falling), intimidation rules in action, kicking down doors, and grappling and improvisation, Ego/alignment use...all good stuff.

Oh, yeah...and I instituted the "Caller" rule from Moldvay's Basic set (though I call it "Team Leader;" more macho). While we weren't religious in our use of the role, it helped me mightily having such a filter.

A good playtest...and yes, there are more revisions to be made afterwards. I'll try to get a full play report later today.



  1. Nice! Nice to see that it's off to a rousing start.

    "Team Leader" is a great title.

  2. I'm anxiously following this, I played Shadowrun in the past, loved the setting, but had some issues with the mechanics. Please continue to keep us posted!

  3. @ Anthony: Thanks!

    @ Brutorz: Will do!
    : )

  4. Instead of team leader... El Presidente?

  5. I'm still following this, too. You sent me a very early draft last summer I believe. Looking forward to the finished system.

  6. @ Ryan:

    Are you interested in doing any play-testing?
    ; )