Tuesday, March 22, 2011

All right cyber-fiends...

...sliverguns are back in the book (and better than ever, might I add?). I had some really BS complicated rules regarding "ballistic armor" and how it interacts with the damage of different weapon types. All that's gone bye-bye now...which actually makes flechette guns a bit more effective against non-hardened targets (like vehicles and heavy military armor).

Why the change-o-heart? Um...because variety is the spice of life? And because they ARE different from some of the other firearms. Plus, what could be more useful against a werewolf than a pistol that fires silver flechettes? Come on!

ALSO, I found a great remedy for shortening the excessive length from a book: editing! Yes indeed, going back over my own writing (now with a better idea of how the damn rules are supposed to work) has allowed me to cut lines and lines of needless description from the text. I mean, a lot of the stuff was just "filler" I was using to remind myself of which rules applied to which things...writing the RULES better allowed me to skip these "reminders." A nice trick.
: )

Unfortunately, I have been mui busy...both at home and work...since, oh, about last Tuesday or Wednesday. Which means the writing has stalled a mere handful of pages from the finish line (have to finish the writing if I'm going to finish the editing after all). However, tomorrow I SHOULD (hope-hope) have the time to make a concerted effort to get a few pages out. And if I get my shit together, I may be able to knock out all the monster (um..."NPC") stats on the bus Thursday...at least by hand (for later transcription).

For some reason, I'm having a dread or "procrastination reflex" to finishing the Rules chapter. The whole thing's written with the exception of combat...which is pretty silly considering combat works almost exactly the same as B/X (and the new parts...specific with regard to firearms, explosives, shock, etc.)...all that has been written out. It's just the "order of battle" stuff...I don't know what exactly my problem is. I'm probably just making it harder (in my mind) than it has to be.

All right...gotta' go fold some laundry. Hasta.
: )


  1. @ Anthony: Yeah, even thought about calling 'em "needlers" but the term always makes me think of Star Frontiers.
    ; )