Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Page Count Update

42 and three-quarters. Even with re-writes (the character creation session last Thursday gave me plenty of food for thought) that's the current page count on the new book. Add in the 2-3 pages of charts (not yet formatted) and setting aside 8 pages for art, and I'm about 10-11 pages away from knocking this bad boy out. I probably could finish it over the weekend if I found a way to put in a couple solid days.

Not very likely.

Ah, it is, things are fairly tight. And by tight I mean, "burgeoning on the edge of explosion;" i.e. going over my self-imposed 64 page limit. I probably threw too many machine guns in the equipment section, but I thought it was important to get the distinction between a microgun (man portable) and a minigun (forget about it).

And by "man" portable, I mean "troll" of course.
; )

Anyway, just thought I let folks know where I'm at...skipped around a bit the last couple days, writing all the "development" stuff in the GM chapter (still need "adventure creation"), and "rules and procedures" is all put together except for basic combat (i.e. order of rounds, what's a "to hit roll," etc.). It should be good though...I'm hoping to play-test some combat tomorrow night at the Baranof, which may well give me more fodder for revision...but, hey, that's part of the process, right?

Hopefully, the writing bits won't take longer than the end of March...I'll start soliciting artists once I've got the final page count and know what I'm looking for.

Happy Ash Wednesday, folks!
: )

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