Friday, March 18, 2011

One Page Dungeon Contest

Completely forgot to mention the One Page Dungeon Competition is going on again. I was asked to participate as a judge again this year, but I've just got too much going on. However, I'd encourage anyone with mapmaking skills and an ounce of creativity to give it a shot. There are some great prizes this year (like 40 or so!). You can get the full scoop at this link.

Here's the thing: the deadline is April 1st, so get your asses in gear if you want to be in the game. Last year, I got to see and judge a huge pile of fantastic entries...the sheer creativity out there is wonderful. But I think the participants themselves get a lot out of the exercise of distilling an adventure down to one page. I know I was impressed by the skills on display!

Good luck to all!
: )


  1. I wasn't going to enter this, but you gave me a nudge, so what the hey.

  2. I entered the first year (and got an honourable mention), but didn't get my act together in time for 2010. Hopefully I'll get something together for this one. That's the goal at least.

    First, I need to make another cool new map...

  3. @ Kelvin: Hey, man...I aim to be inspiring!
    : )

    @ Pavo: Best of luck!

    @ Dyson: Man, I have been following your "ruins of the gorgon" post...that is great stuff. Maybe you could distill THAT down to one page?
    ; )