Tuesday, March 29, 2011

B/X Companion: 3rd Printing Now Available!

Third and probably FINAL printing...at least in its current format.

The B/X Companion has definitely sold better than I could have ever hoped (well...maybe not that well; I can dream pretty big at times). However, my original hope was to get at least 25 or 30 paying customers. While the sales figures are still chump change compared to say, those Pathfinder guys who have their books on the shelves of Barnes & Nobles, I am definitely pleased with my "out-o-the-garage" sales. Like I said...I've already sold into the 3rd printing.

So if you were planning on picking up a copy in the current format, you probably want to throw down pretty quick. Here's the deal: my all aces printer is losing the machine that is capable of the saddle-stitched, staple down the middle format. IF you're interested in a book that reads similar to your old Basic and Expert set rules (something the book was designed to do) then this last print run will be your last chance to get a copy, because IF there is a 4th print run the book will probably be perfect bound...which is (in my mind anyway) not nearly as cool.

Not that the book was a perfect match to the old B/X books anyway...no three-hole punch for goodness sake!...but it's as close as I was able to get it with my thumb-fingered lay-out skills.

So what's changed between the 2nd and 3rd printing? Not a blessed thing. I wasn't getting any more typo reports after the proofing between printing #1 and #2 so I just let the printer roll with the files in his system. Hell, it still SAYS "2nd printing," which I suppose is a bit of false advertising or (at least) "bad publishing etiquette." But, as I said, nothing's been changed since the last round of updates...it's just an additional run of the last update.

Anyhoo, thank you to everyone who bought into the book already...I truly do appreciate your support. Once this last run sells out, I'll start the .pdf process. Really.
: )


  1. Awesome news. Keep up the great work. It's the positive side, the getting things done side, that really showcases the strength of the old game engines.

  2. 'Hell, it still SAYS "2nd printing," which I suppose is a bit of false advertising or (at least) "bad publishing etiquette."'



  3. JB, congrats on the success of it. Now where is the next product? See I'm being pushy now.

  4. Congratulations on your success. I'm finally throwing down for a copy later today.

  5. Shame you never got the boxed set done. That would've been awesome. But I really dig the booklet. I may have to pick up a 3rd print, so I can personally 3-hole punch one of the two...

  6. I've said much of this before:

    I find your B/X Companion to be a far better offering to those of us who play/ed the Classic games than all of the rules-sets that have emerged. The B/X Companion took things forward, which is a great thing to have accomplished. You should feel workman's pride for a lovely product.

    Best to you,

  7. So this is a chance to pick up the collectible 'mis-printed' 3rd printing?

  8. Awesome!

    I'd buy another copy just to punch some holes into it to make it "more authentic". And I thrilled to see that a PDF is on the way.

  9. Congrats. One day I hope to get my groups to go back to B/X, so I can use the companion. Also looking forward to the new game when it's ready and the pdf of the companion.

  10. @ Everyone: thank you for the kind words of encouragement. You folks make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
    : )

    @ Jason: Except for YOU...dammit, man! Must you remind me of my short-comings! I already feel guilty enough!
    ; )

    @ Tim(Shorts): Working on it...working on it...

  11. where do you buy it and how much?

    1. @ Brian:

      The book is currently out-o-print (sorry), but you can purchase the PDF from Drive-Thru RPG. Thanks for your interest!