Thursday, March 24, 2011

Swamp Boats & Stealth Bombers - Cut!

Vehicles are really starting to irritate me.

Mainly because I have too many listed in the new game. I now TOTALLY understand why game companies end up putting out supplements like Solo of Fortune or Rigger 2...there's just too much "stuff" to put into a main rule book; even a several hundred page main rule book.

And I don't have that many pages to play with.

So now I'm making cuts. Which IS irritating...mainly because of all the work I put in trying to scale vehicles against each other and game mechanics and real world models. I mean, do you know how hard it is to get cost information on a Czilim class ACV ("air conditioned vehicle")?How about the price tag on a new armored SWAT truck?

No, I am not being totally exact in my accounting...I like round numbers, too. Yes, I AM being overly particular/perfectionist about this whole exercise. So what? I can admit when I have a problem...

Anyway, the prices for vehicles is NOT based on U.S. dollars anyway...50 years from now (the setting of the game) al civilized folks are trading in World (Corporate) Credits ("CR") anyway. Of course, I did take the time to convert all vehicle prices into a true world currency on which CR is based...namely, USD circa 1981.

[why 1981? Figure it out]

Which means, of course, that some vehicles will be cheaper than those found in games like Shadowrun (which was published in 1989). Does this mean an individual will get more "bang for their buck" with money in the game? Well, kind of. All prices listed are "friend prices," generally only available at the time of character creation. Paying retail prices later on costs 2x to 5x as much...assuming items are even available (not every town has a "used gunship" lot).

What's this all about? Well, it's one of the ways I've re-vamped the concept of contacts. Now, if your character knows an armorer (for example), it's more interesting/beneficial than just hitting him up for info (what SR calls "legwork"). More on all that later...

The point is, I've got cuts to make. I should probably cut anything that isn't going to be used/purchased (would any self-respecting black ops merc be caught dead in a SmartCar?), but I like having stats for those "desperate situations" (maybe the SmartCar is the only thing available for a quick get away!).

Ugh. Maybe I'll just drop all the drones/RC stuff. I hate drones anyway.


  1. Now this is just me, but what I'd be tempted to do is strip the equipment down to generics, so you have "Car", "Truck", "Boat" and so on, then have a set of D&D3-style templates, so you can convert them into a stealthy car, or a military truck, or a luxury boat.

    I'd also put together a random table of manufacturer and model names to further create the illusion of choice.

  2. I agree with Kelvin, but more power to you if you want to stat out all vehicles individually.

  3. @ Both: NOW you tell me...
    : (

    Too late. Vehicles (and drones): complete!
    : )

  4. Whats your final goal with this work? Do you plan on selling a PDF? Because from what I have read so far these rules sound awesome and it is something I want to run NOW! :)

  5. I have to confess I was more excited by your potential space opera game or goblin town campaign setting but you are winning me over with your enthusiasm. No doubt I will be one of your first customers - this time I'll be wanting my copy signed (as a proud but unsigned owner of B/X Companion 1st edition) and I hope you give prices for the rest of the world straight away.
    Well done - can't wait!

  6. Go figure, Deirdra gave me a Creative Blog Award - nice pics on her website. You paste your award and I'll post mine...

  7. @ Deirdra: Hey, thanks! Now I can call myself "author of the award winning blog!"
    ; )

    I'll put it up as soon as I figure out how (yes, I read the instructions on your web site...I am just slow with this kind of thing).

    @ Jovial: I will make sure you have a signed copy this time.

    @ Chris: Man...pdf? What's that?
    ; )