Sunday, March 27, 2011


Wow. Spent part of yesterday reading the entirety of YourDungeonIsSuck. That's a lot of negativity in a small package...I was surprised my own book/blog wasn't somehow referenced.

Ah, well. I gave up "complaining" for Lent. And while I admit I haven't been extremely dilligent about it, I'll make a real effort today not to bitch and moan about stuff. It IS Sunday, after all.
; )


  1. It's a blog of negativity that does nothing to add to the community. Scary stuff on the interwebs.

  2. It's a Cobra Assault Rifle of hate.

    I LIKE IT!

  3. You realize that Sundays are not a part of Lenten obligations? Because they are days of feast and celebration, not penance? ;)

    I only read the first few posts. Maybe I am getting old(er), but I'm pretty sure that even 25 years ago I would have found that appalling. And I was in the Army!

  4. I'm glad I am not alone in my disdain for this 'blog. I don't necessarily disagree with his viewpoint but I have truly wearied of all the trash-talkers and nay-sayers within the gaming community. His posts as if he is trying to be funny and edgy, but he only comes across as petulant and angry.

  5. Hear, hear! I really wanted to laugh with him but it's 90% irrational disdain for everyone else. I rant once in a while but I don't respect ranters who don't sign their names; that's just trolling.

  6. Yeah, sometimes hes not even that far off the mark. I had hoped though that anger and negativity like that would stay away from our little corner of the internet. Theres really no need for a hate machine like that to exist.

  7. ...he only comes across as petulant and angry.

    You're being too kind there DuBeers, I'd use a stronger descriptor myself. I've only read one of his posts and it's the first and last I'll ever read. His blog and methodology represents all that is negative and bad about the online scene and some of the sad types that add nothing to it while doing their best to drag others down to their level.

  8. Really, JB? I rarely take a look at his blog, unless someone has a link to it about some stupid thing he's written. But I thought he called you a nutjob or something once.

    DON'T go back there just to check if I'm right or not, though. I could think of about a million other things that are more worthwhile in the long run, like cleaning out your belly button lint or sorting your socks.

  9. Joesky's Rule. He loses on every single post.

  10. Hi JB,
    After I read the first few posts, I was feeling the same sort of anger and disdain I usually feel for people that seem to thrive on such negativity. After a while though all I could feel for this person (anonymous no less)was...pity. Here was somebody who seemed just filled with bile and vitriol over what?.... blogs that people wrote which you can't even say he just disagrees with, but actually hates that they spent the time to write, and had somehow stolen his time by forcing him to read. Its one thing to critize material you paid for that you feel were misrepresented in the advertising,in fact I think its good to let others know of such scams,but this guy just seemed to hate for the sake of hating....I mean he was angry with james at grognardia for linking to older blog posts for crying out loud.
    Anyways the impression I got was here was the adult manifestation of one of those guys who when they were young was bullied incessantly, and because of it they would lash out at everyone around them. I know I used to game with those types every once in a while, and had always found them dweeby little jerks.
    Now though, as a teacher, I see how they develop when their young, and it just leaves me feeling sad for them; they're powerless, and belittled in their regular lives, so they ridicule others whenever they can, to boost their own self esteem.
    Of course I could be over psycho-analyzing this guys motives, but come on there's no way to take someone this negative seriously.
    I reread some of the posts again, and still, I've just got to roll my eyes and feel sad for him.

  11. I always thought it was a humor blog, though I make no claims to the effectiveness of its humor. The posts seem to be self-aware, in that he doesn't actually seem angry in any of them, hence there's really no actual vitrol.

    Apparently I'm in the minority.

  12. No, I'd say you aren't in the minority at all, for I've seen more than a few positive comments about YDIS elsewhere. I just happen to be one of those persons who feels the brother is using a thin veneer of humor to mask what appears to be a lot of rage.

    Of course, I'm perfectly willing to entertain the thought I'm completely wrong. It certainly wouldn't be the first time. It is completely possible I just don't "get" his brand of humor, if that is indeed what it is. For instance, I have yet to see a Will Farrell comedy I thought was entertaining, but it would seem I am one of the few at my place of employment who feels that way. I simply don't find his movies funny, even ones that everyone else raves about.