Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I should say more than this, but I have little time before tonight's game and lots to prep (plus dinner to eat). However...

Yesterday's post touched off a lot of bile...and re-reading it, I realize it was written fairly half-cocked. Please forgive the trite, generational philosophy. I've been operating on...well whatever is 8 divided by 3 hours o sleep over the last few days.

I am totally NOT ready to start thinking about the 80s in any way, shape or form with regard to least not yet!

Drink some beer and eat some corn beef, folks!
: )


  1. Speaking of errors... Your link leads to here, not there.

  2. I hope that you and your group have an awesome game. I don't get to game much these days so I am forced to live vicariously through you.