Friday, May 14, 2010

You Just Don't Understand...

It's not that I don't WANT to post a bunch of stuff on my day off. I've got, literally, near half-a-dozen posts in mind and I TOTALLY want to pick up the slack in the Old School Blog-o-sphere left by Mr. Maliszewski "taking Fridays off."

But it is a beautiful, gorgeous sunny day in Seattle, and for those who haven't visited the Northwest in the May to September months...well, ya' just don't know what you're missing. I've been out biking, sat in the front yard chatting with neighbors...hell, I even walked to Gary's not once but twice today, just to feel the sun on me.

'Course I also picked up a copy of The Compleat [sic] Spell Caster. More on that later.

Still haven't purchased my ISBN for the B/X Companion, but that is happening today. The snag I've run into is: am I willing to commit to a ten pack? Because it's a helluva' lot cheaper than buying 'em singly. Of course, it means I have to put out 9 more book products. Which I want to do...but will my wife stand for it?


Tim at Gary's offered me one of his ISBNs (his game isn't scheduled for release till October, and apparently he has extras). Plus I really want to be my own publisher, I've decided.

I DID spend a good chunk of time working with Chaldean numerology today with regard to the names of various games and game companies, and checking to make sure I wasn't setting myself up for any serious disasters. Yes...I'm sure you all think I'm crazy. However, I find it fascinating how various name changes, especially with regard to the original publisher of Dungeons and Dragons, led to such disparity in company fortunes. Really:

Tactical Studies Rules
TSR Hobbies Inc., and
TSR, Inc.

all have wildly varying numerology attached to them, the first foretelling the falling out of Gygax and Arneson, the second the brilliant, imaginative innovation that excited a feeding frenzy and the third the wanton self-destruction wrought upon themselves.

But whatever. It is also interesting that Wizards of the Coast changes its numerology by abbreviating itself to the same as Hasbro. And Hasbro has the same number whether it's "Hasbro" or "Hasbro, Inc."

Huh. Funny.

The reason I was checking was because I couldn't decide whether I wanted to publish under the moniker "Beagle Games" or "Beagle Game Design." However, after "crunching the numbers" I find that both carry the exact same numbers. Even the same compound number karma. Both have the same number as "Wizards of the Coast," though without the associated karmic implications.


Anyway, it's 5:30 (Pacific time) and I have cracked my first beer of the (still sunny) evening. The beagles are playing outdoors, the wife's getting a pedicure, and it is time for me to hunker down and do some work. Hope everyone is looking forward to a great weekend!


  1. If crazy is fun, be super crazy.

  2. Walking distance of Gary's. Ahhh, that's the life.

  3. Does that mean that the numerology of Sabledrake Enterprises is that bad?

  4. Sabledrake Enterprises has the same numerology as the name I chose...we'll be in the same boat in that regard, Tim.
    : )