Thursday, May 27, 2010

Variant Combat Matrices

+++EDIT: This link has been removed. The revised .pdf download can be found on this post. Check it out!+++

Here's the's a simple .pdf (color coded) that's available for download. I'm going to do a non-colorized version for the folks that are having printer issues (that's you, Kris), but everyone should be able to view this.

[if you didn't read my earlier post, please check it out]

I am actually very please with how this turned out...the more I look at it, the more I like it.

A few notes that didn't make it on the .pdf:

- Regarding: Two-Fisted Fighting -- For B/X, when characters use two weapons at once, I have (in the past) allowed them to make one attack roll, roll damage for both weapons, and take the better result. This works just fine with the new "attack-less variant" except there's no attack roll!

- Regarding: Special Attacks (no save) -- For all special attacks that would normally NOT allow a save (for example, a bear's bearhug, or a wight's energy drain), the only normal "save" allowed is a high armor class. Since monsters auto-hit in this variant system, I think it's appropriate to allow saves for attacks I normally would not (for example, energy drain). Unless a special attack would out-right kill someone, paralysis would be the general save I'd make folks roll against (unless something else seems particularly relevant).

All right...other questions will be entertained and discussed. I need to grab a bite to eat, then I'll read over the comments from the earlier post. Thanks for the feedback, folks!


  1. So all undead roll their normal dice, no matter what? Even lowly skeletons and zombies? That'll definitely make them more worthy of fear.

    I'd like to see how this works out in play test. I'd offer to do it, but I'm not in an old school game right now, and as we just started a 4e game, my cousins aren't too interested in switching.

  2. @ David: Actually I was thinking more of the "incorporeal undead" or one's whose mere touch causes damage: wights, wraiths, specters, vampires, etc.

    Weapon users or creatures that do damage with their teeth and nails like skeletons, zombies, and ghouls should use the standard Hit Dice versus AC for determining damage...though I'd probably allow mummies to do damage like the "incorporeal" monsters just to represent their unholy strength.