Thursday, May 20, 2010

Neon Knights

Neon Knights*

Armor Class: -2............No. Appearing: 0 (1-4)
Hit Dice: 9+10**............Save As: Fighter 14
Move: 90' (30') on foot............Morale: 12
Attacks: 2............Treasure Type: Nil
Damage: By weapon............Alignment: Lawful

In ages long since forgotten, seven kings of power and wisdom came together to craft a cadre of undying champions that would protect their realms from the perils of the night. These neon knights, chosen for their strength of arms and unwavering loyalty, were granted certain gifts to aid them in fulfilling their duties, including agelessness. To this day, they continue to act as loyal defenders, though their patrons have long since been lost to the passing of time.

Neon knights always appear mounted on huge war horses of surpassing might (double maximum hit points). These steeds strike fire with their hooves, and can ride across both sky and water. Knights are armed with several hand weapons (50% chance of any given weapon being magical) and possess great strength (double all damage done in melee).

Each neon knight wears prismatic shadow armor, giving them the armor class listed, and making them immune to dragon fire, non-magical weapons, and spells below 4th level. The armor gives off a scintillating glow of colors, clearly visible from a distance, even in the darkest night; however the armor loses all magical effects in daylight becoming simple, dull plate mail (AC 3).

Of the 13 original knights, only four remain, the others having been slain through treachery, battle, or misadventure, though always in defense of their ancient land. They reside in a Mountain of Power, from whence they ride forth when summoned by the descendants of their original liege lords, or when mortal danger trembles the very foundation of the realm.

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