Thursday, May 20, 2010

All My Single Ladies, All My Single Ladies…

So I ran into Cyclopeatron’s niece’s new blog Dragon Mistress (although it was actually Dungeonmum that pointed me to the site). I’m giving her a “shout out” not just because she bothered to answer my request for more information on her group, but because of what she represents: a different perspective from the usual cranky Grog-Blog.

She’s a 17 year old student running a (large) all-girl, face-to-face group with her friends using an eclectic mix of various editions, apparently based around a D20 core.

Not to put too much pressure on her (I hope blogging doesn’t interfere with her studies!), I find her potential insights more fascinating than a lot of the other video blogs around the ‘sphere. Here’s why:

- A group of 17 year olds? This would seem to indicate high school (a trying time for kids anyway) or 1st year college (perhaps a tougher adjustment…after all, upper classmen have it easier than 1st years). Either way, it means she was born circa 1993…POST-2nd edition, POST-White Wolf, POST-WW knock offs. They completely bypassed the whole “classic” era…what are they using to interpret game play? Their parents’ campaigns?

- 17 year olds are young enough to know what’s up with the latest youth craze (whether we’re talking "tweeting" or the Twilight Saga)…while being more articulate than younger teens (and generally more precocious, i.e. willing to talk, as well).

- An all girl gamer group, directed by a female DM is going to be different from a group organized by a dude, no matter how “gender neutral” he may be. The fact that she’s running one game, while PLAYING in another (run by a male DM), gives her the opportunity to compare and contrast the differences.

- From a design perspective, I am extremely interested in what works and what doesn’t work for these (let’s face it) 3rd Generation gamers.

- ...ESPECIALLY considering they’re mix-matching their editions. Whoa! What brought THAT about? What works for ‘em in one edition versus another? Is this just a passing fad for ‘em or a hobby they intend to participate in for the next ten years?

Anyhoo, she’s a Sagittarius so (stereotyping) one could expect she’d have a lot to say and would be pretty direct about it.

[hmmm…as I read over this post prior to throwing it up on Ye Old Blog, it occurs to me that I am totally putting more into this basket than necessary: one person (or half a dozen) does NOT a “demographic” make…for all I know, the kid’s “just weird.” Still, it should be interesting reading!]


  1. There a few younger games on the blogosphere. I'm a third generation gamer (19 years old) and write an old school blog. We exist.

  2. Does that mean I'm 2nd generation?

    My students are about her age. I had a few of them who I suspected play The Game, but I'll never know for certain.

    No, none of them were girls.

    There's an acquaintance of mine that I run into at local conventions and game days. He cut his teeth on B/X. Last time he brought his son, who was toting around a 3.5 PHB, and he said something that stuck in my head a bit:
    "3.5 is his Red Box."

    Hmm...will there be cranky d20 blogs in the next fifteen or twenty years? (Or the equivalent in whatever medium replaces blogs)
    Will we all be railing against 6th edition together someday? (Hmm...I find that last part unlikely...the being together, not the 6th edition)

  3. @ Ryan: Man, it is difficult to half an actual "cut-off" date. As with Gen X versus Gen Y (or "Millennials")...or using Pluto in astrology!...there is some over-lap. Plus, how is it measured? By age? Edition? I consider myself to be of the "2nd wave" but people who started on 2nd edition (in '87) have a distinct difference in play style and expectations of play then myself...maybe she's 4th gen?

    As far as cranky D20, don't we already have that? Otherwise, what the hell is Pathfinder?
    ; )

  4. As far as cranky D20, don't we already have that? Otherwise, what the hell is Pathfinder?

    Touche, sir!