Monday, May 3, 2010

Last Call for Artwork


My lovely wife was kind enough to print up the near Final Draft copy of the B/X Companion today, after a weekend spent formatting and fiddling with page numbers, headers, margins, and illustrations. The new book is pretty much in its entire, finished form, sans cover (which is itself a whole 'nother story).

It looks great. Better than I could have hoped...and pretty much exactly as I imagined in my mind.

It's almost completely ready to go (I plan to have a picture or two posted to the blog in the next couple days). Still need the cover. Still need an ISBN (that's next on the agenda). And I'm still working on the goddamn module and Quick Reference Charts...however, my brother (temporarily moved back in with me) has been enlisted to help finish these latter projects and I anticipate them getting done soon.

So that's it. The book will be released for sale this month...even if I have to set-up a PO Box for people to mail me checks.

Right now, I'm putting out the LAST CALL for artwork submissions. For anyone still interested in submitting a piece or two (and getting their names immortalized in print), I have a couple-three SLIM sections that can still fit art pieces. A couple pieces for the treasure chapter...preferably illustrations of the "magic item" variety. A magic wand. A shiny ring. A grim talisman. A bejeweled helmet. Things like that to be "sprinkled" within the text.

Anyone that wants to take a shot at illustrating a ponaturi...I'll always take one of those. Maybe a two-headed troll. Possibly a dokkalfar warrior.

But this is it. The thing can roll out withOUT additional artwork and I will be totally satisfied with a little "blank space." It does have art...GOOD art. And I am excited to be publishing something of such high quality. Hell, I'm pretty f'ing ecstatic.

This is it folks. I said released in May and I damn well meant it.


  1. I really should be doing other things this week, but you'll have a ponaturi image by the end of the week. ;)

  2. Good to hear JB. Sorry that I can't draw a damn thing, but looks like you are in excellent hands with Kelvin. Looking forward to see what you come out with.

  3. @ Tim: wish I could, too, man.

    @ Kevin: you are a jewel, man.
    : )