Friday, May 21, 2010

Polls Closing in Under 4 Hours

...and I may be closing them even earlier.

I believe I neglected to mention this: the reason for the short voting time on the poll, is I am going out of town. I'm flying to DC (the other Washington) today and won't be back till Tuesday night. I will be taking my laptop, but mainly I'm hoping to do some writing in my spare time...especially on the plane.

So whichever module wins the poll, is going in the backpack for conversion in-flight. Right now, that looks like Q1, but really it's still anyone's game.

Also coming with me on the plane is Dies the Fire (which I intend to finally finish), copies of B and X, some map paper, and my latest draft of the B/X Companion (going to make sure the table of contents and index all line up good)...and that's about it for entertainment. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

[hmmm...maybe I should bring some dice, too...ya' never know...]


  1. Always bring dice! And have a fun trip!

  2. If I were running a B/X game this weekend I'd invite you to sit in. :)

    Alas, my Gurps game is looking rather dodgy at the moment.

    Have fun here in DC and if you the Mall/Smithsonian, be sure to eat at the Native American museum.