Friday, May 21, 2010

Poll Closed - And We Have A Winner!

And wow! What a showdown! When I got up this morning, Queen of the Demonweb Pits was leading the pack, but Against the Cult of the Reptile God made up the difference and pulled ahead in the last couple hours. Wow...where were you guys all week?

So, in anticipation that either might win, I brought both modules with me on my trip. I am currently sitting at SeaTac Airport waiting for my flight to start boarding (in about 14 minutes). It's a six hour direct flight to DC, and I'm coffee'd up and ready to go. Who knows...maybe I'll get to both?
: )

Actually, I'm slightly relieved that N1 ended up winning...being a low-level game it will be an easier B/X conversion than Q1. After all, I haven't yet released my B/X Companion set, so you guys don't know what a level 16 character would look like, right?
; )


Anyhoo...I'll try to get everything written up and ready for upload to Media Fire sometime this evening (assuming the Sheraton has should). Now the caveat: there will be no maps or text other than conversion notes printed as I don't want to infringe on WotC's copyright, so you'll need a copy of the original TSR module to make use of it. Unfortunately, it's out-o-print (though the bastards would be well-advised to re-release's a damn dope adventure!), and a little tricky to find. It took me 20+ years to find a copy!

For the folks who didn't see their choice selected...sorry, maybe another time. I see only two people voted for me to chuck the B/X all together (thanks, Kris...I know you were one of them! Don't worry...I DO still want to throw the AD&D sticks with you! Later...).

All right, five minutes till boarding, and I've got to check a couple other things. Blog with y'all later! Prost!

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