Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still No Freaking ISBNs

I've been waiting for weeks and still no ISBNs...damn it, don't they just email 'em to you? Crap almighty!

M. and I stayed up till 3AM last night watching nearly the entire first season of True Blood "On Demand." It did not make me want to play Vampire in any way, shape, or form but its damn addictive television. And here I finally finished with Lost. Ugh...

I'm a little grumpy this morning. I spent yesterday digging through all my dozen or so superhero games to see if there was one that would meet my needs (I do this every time I read a good comic or see a decent superhero film). No dice, figuratively speaking. Even spent more than an hour at Gary's poring through Mutants & Masterminds 2 (the shame!) and Wild Talents (awesome...but $50 and gigante!). Of the two, M&M had the more comic book inspired artwork/concepts, while Wild Talents had the better bang for one's buck (awesome essays and the One Roll System). I purchased neither however. If M&M had been available used I might have been tempted to get it and see if there was a way to kit-bash a B/X version...

All right, I've gotta' hop across the street to the grocer. I was planning on hitting the Seattle Folklife Festival today (as I do every year; we need to support these amazing anachronistic art RPGs!) but it just started raining and three days of mud being slogged by thousands of people doesn't sound like a whole heaping amount of fun.

Still, I'll probably go elephant ear and some fiddle music will take my mind off the damn ISBNs. Shit.
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  1. Contact me at (those are zeroes)-I'll let my copy of M&M go for half price. It's in great shape. Do you want the Wizards and Warlocks supplement?

    Let me know,
    Stuart (Jaxson Bloodproud RIP)

  2. I don't know if you ever used the Marvel Superheroes game from TSR; I like it a lot. There's a free retro-clone called Four Color, or 4C. Lots of websites giving compatible stats for existing characters, of course.

    I'd also recommend BASH, from Basic Action. It's a very light game inspired largely by TSR's Marvel game - sort of a B/X to TSR's Advanced, I'd call it. I believe it was included in the Haiti charity bundle, if you got that, but the new edition is even better, and a good price.

  3. @ OdRook: I've played a LOT of MSH in the past. It's not granular enough for my tastes. I'm researching BASH right now. Thanks!

  4. I suspect that yuo would like M&M 1st more than 2nd (I did), but yuo'll probably like BASH more. Personally, I'm running a game of Turth & Justice and loving it all over again, but maybe too indie for you.

  5. I also prefer M+M 1e over 2e. The ruleset is tied more closely to D&D3e and the powers are more straght-forward and have fewer limitations/exceptions that can be used to make them cheaper. "A rank 10 targeted fire blast power? That will be 20 points please." As opposed to: "How can I make my blast power destroy the planet and only cost 5 points? Ah-ha, it only works on odd Thursdays!"
    I'm sure you could easily make it more to your liking by creating classes for the standard hero roles out of the example characters in the front of the book.