Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

My mom bought my the Dungeon! board game when I was 8 years old, the direct precursor to my getting the Tom Moldvay edited Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set. Close to 30 years later I am nearing completion of my first published game, a sequel to the Basic and Expert sets I call the B/X Companion.

Thanks, Mom.
: )


  1. I too started almost 30 years ago when my Mum bought me a present. In my case it was the Holmes rulebook and the accompanying B2 module. Pure joy. Mum's are good.

  2. My Mom bought me my copy of Dungeon too. I was already playing D&D but it was great fun anyway.

  3. Hope y'all had a good one...I sure did!
    ; )