Friday, February 19, 2010

Anakin/Vader Updates

All right, I have edited all my prior Vader posts.

Anakin now starts as a Scout 1 with the Fringer Talent Jury-Rigger. Although he loses Vehicle Weapons proficiency, it turns out that the Vehicle Combat feat (which he already had) makes you proficient with all vehicle weapons while piloting, so it wasn't necessary. Also, the additional skills that a Scout starts with (5!) allow me to "dumb-down" Anakin's INT and up his CON...something I think everyone can approve of. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer is our Anakin Skywalker.

In the films, Anakin displays a knowledge of the Huttese language in Episode I, which he never uses again. I prefer to consider this a "bonus feat" in place of the Shake It Off scout feat that he is unable to use until young adulthood (when his CON improves to 13). Once he is able to use Shake It Off the Huttese language goes away (that's just a GM's judgment call, but I don't remember Anakin ever speaking Hutt in films after Episode I...I'll have to re-watch Episode II). If necessary, I suppose I can boost the INT again at the cost of WIS, but that may require a re-adjustment of Force Powers which I am loathe to do at this time.

NOW, I can get on to other items....
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  1. He does briefly say a few words in Huttese when he meets Watto again looking for his mother. That's how Watto recognizes him.

    But having learned and forgotten a few languages myself, I can safely say that I still know how to say a few phrases in those languages, so I'd go ahead and drop the Huttese after his Ep. I incarnation.