Friday, February 19, 2010

Throw the Damn Thing Already!

Are Wizards of the Coast retarded or what?

The D20 Star Wars RPG (Saga Edition) includes the special "talent" Throw Lightsaber. Anyone whose watched the films as many times as I have can tell you there are exactly two times anyone "throws a lightsaber" purposefully with intent to harm.

Darth Vader (in Return of the Jedi) - during the fight aboard the Death Star.

Yoda (in Revenge of the Sith) - during the fight outside the Jedi Temple. For those who may have missed it, a CGI Yoda throws a CGI lightsaber at a CGI "clone trooper" impaling the poor bastard through the chest.

So guess which character write-ups in the game don't include the Talent throw lightsaber?


But we knew that already, right? Guess Yoda will be the next write-up. Ah, well...I was going to get to ALL the geezers anyway, but it's still damned annoying. Again, though, it re-emphasizes that there's absolutely no need to buy their source books when the info in 'em is crap.

BY THE WAY: Someone pointed out to me that the original D20 version of Anakin/Vader started his class with the Fringer class, which has since been combined under the Scout class. While adding Scout with Fringer Talents to Anakin would make him heartier (he'd gain 12 hit points and the Shrug It Off feat), he's actually LOSE MORE than he'd gain as the non-heroic class allows a bit more customization (I'd have to blow feats to give him proficiency with vehicular ("Heavy") weapons and skill focuses and such. I'll consider revising my re-writes though...hell, why not re-revise revisions?

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