Friday, February 19, 2010

My Yoda is so Much More Badass...

Yoda (Episode I-VI)

Small Jedi 8/Jedi Knight 7/Jedi Master 5

Destiny 0 Force 20* Dark Side 0
Languages: Basic, Wookie, One other as needed
*(Strong in Force)

Defenses: Ref 38 For 33 Wil 39
Hps 134 Threshold 33

STR 8 DEX 16 CON 8 INT 14 WIS 20 CHA 16

Melee: Lightsaber +23 (2d6+16 two-handed)

Talents: Ataru, Deflect, Elusive Target, Force Intuition, Force Perception, Foresight, Gauge Force Potential, Lightsaber Throw, Redirect Shot, Skilled Advisor, Visions

Feats: Double Attack, Force Boon, Force Training (2), Force Sensitivity, Improved Defenses, Melee Defense, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Strong in the Force, Triple Attack, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Proficiencies (Lightsabers, Simple Weapons), Whirlwind Attack

Skills: Acrobatics +18, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +17, Knowledge (Tactics) +17, Use the Force +23 (uses Use the Force in place of Initiative and Perception)

Force Powers: Farseeing, Force Thrust (2), Move Object (3), Rebuke (4), Surge, Vital Transfer

Force Techniques: Force Point Recovery, Improved Sense Force, Improved Sense Surroundings

Force Secrets: Devastating Power, Distant Power, Multitarget Power, Quicken Power

Class Abilities: Fearless, Serenity

Possessions: Short lightsaber, jedi robe, cane

Destiny: Whatever destiny Yoda had was long ago fulfilled.

***NOTE: The abilities here, as with Anakin previously, are based on the Yoda portrayed in the films, with the addition of the powers Surge and Vital Transfer, which admittedly are assumed. Yoda is never shown deflecting laser blasts or severing limbs...he's kind of an all-or-nothing fighter (or "the best defense is a good offense"); however his Reflex scores are so high most folks aren't going to touch him in ranged combat anyway, especially when he is engaged in melee (Elusive Target). On the other hand, Yoda himself counsels the way of peace, and it feels inappropriate to provide too many "attack feats;" while I did add Double and Triple attack, this is more to represent his speed than because he's a battle-hungry combat monster...note also a distinct lack of attacking Force powers (no Battle Strike or Force Slam); again, these aren't displayed by Yoda and WotC's inclusion I find patently ridiculous. His double decapitation on Kashyyyk is best represented by a Whirlwind Attack.

Also, it should be noted that Yoda's species is never named or discussed, and in D20 that means there is no "species bonuses" (or penalties) to include. To represent this, I simply did his attributes as a straight selection + Level bonuses with neither "Destiny" nor "Age" bonuses and penalties; whose to say whether or not Yoda's species starts as a 12' tall humanoid that undergoes a metamorphosis at age 500 into a wizened muppet?

Finally, once again WotC's math seems incorrect in the Yoda write-up. Although possessing different feats/abilities/talents than MY Yoda, I added their math and still find some mysterious "+1" bonus to his Attack score for which I cannot account. It is possible that as a "small size" character Yoda should gain a +1 bonus to his attacks (as per standard D20 rules) but I could find no statement of this in the rulebook, and so have NOT included an additional size bonus to his attack score listed. He's still more than enough Jedi for any opponent.

Oh, yeah...and I corrected the damage for a Short Lightsaber (see your own equipment section notes, dumb-dumbs!).***

+++EDIT: After re-watching Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, I DO see Yoda used both Deflect and Redirect Shot and have added them in place of Sokan and Resist the Dark Side. His Rebuke power and high Use the Force and Will defense should be fine for the latter, and his Acrobatics skill should be high enough to take any action especially with the expenditure of a Force point (+3D8) when necessary.+++

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  1. Yoda didn't level up during six whole films because the rules end at 20? :P