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D20 Star Wars Combat (Part 1)

A completely fictional example of combat from the fictional D20 Star Wars game (Saga Edition): the purpose of this text is to illustrate how a battle might play-out; the players named are completely imaginary. However, actual dice WERE rolled!

JB is the referee. Lee is playing Count Dooku, a fallen Jedi that has turned to the Dark Side (CR 16). Evan is playing Obi-Wan Kenobi, a Jedi Knight (CR 11), and Chris is playing his aspiring padawan Anakin Skywalker (CR 9). A fourth player, Francis, is playing Padme Amidala, a noble (CR 9), but she has run across the street to pick up some snacks. We pick up in media res...

JB: All right, let me just quickly recap. Dooku-Tyranus is getting ready to escape the shit-storm that has become Geonosis…Lee the droids are prepping your ship for take-off, but it’s going to take at least a couple minutes. Obi and Ana, you two managed to jump from your transport to the hanger ledge just before it was blown out of the sky…whatever happens you aren’t going back that way.

Chris: That’ll make it tough for Padme to rejoin the party.

Evan: I have a feeling she may not want to join this particular party…her character was pretty torn up, and falling out of the transport didn’t help.

JB: You guys aren’t looking so hot yourselves. Obi-Wan is down to 65 hit points and has already used his Second Wind for the day. Anakin, you’re down to 53 and still has his Second Wind to use –

Chris: You said I couldn’t use it till half my hit points were gone…

JB: Right, so not till you’re below 43. Meanwhile both of you have recovered your Condition track up to full. Tyranus, you are completely unscathed after fleeing the prior scene.

Lee: Discretion IS the better part of valor.

Chris: Coward!

JB: All right, this will be settled soon enough. Just so everyone knows, this is going to be the final encounter of this “episode.” Win or lose, we’ll be doing a denouement and picking up with a new story-adventure next session. Since ALL of you are going to be going up a level, you might as well go for broke with the Force Point expenditures…use ‘em or lose ‘em. Let me get a sound off with a Force Point check..

Evan: Eight.

Chris: Five… had to bail Padme out a couple times.

Lee (*smug*): Fourteen.

Chris & Evan: What --?!

JB: You know, if you’d used a Force Point on your Demand Surrender roll against Mace, you might’ve got him to back down.

Lee: I know what I’m doing.

JB: Okay…well, Jedi, you’re in a dark hanger cave carved from the side of the mountain. Machinery and rock meshes together with huge pipes and contraptions bolted into the ancient stone. Dooku stands in the middle of the hanger, watching as his shuttle is being prepped. Perception checks please, DC 10 [everyone rolls and passes]. Okay, no surprise…what’s everyone doing.

Evan: Well, I think we should –

Lee: Man, I’m charging! Let’s kick some ass!

JB: Okay, roll initiative everyone [Lee rolls a 14+21=35; Evan rolls a 17+8=25; Chris rolls a 20+10=30]. All right, as we get to your turn, announce what you’re doing and take your actions. If someone wants to REACT, say so immediately or hold your peace! Lee?

Lee: I’m unarmed and I’m going to Delay my Initiative for now.

Chis: I’m going to use Dark Rage as a swift action, charge, and attack! Hey, the end justifies the means!

Lee: Okay, I’m going to blast him with Force Lightning.

JB: Okay, rolls folks…in order.

Lee: [rolls a 4+21=25 for his Use the Force, exceeding Anakins Reflex defense of 24] Down boy! I spend a Force point to move his condition track an extra -1 step, for a total of -2. [rolls 8D6 damage: 30. This exceeds Damage Threshold of 23] Excuse me, that makes a total condition reduction of -3! Can I use my Quicken Power to hit him with a Force Thrust as a move action, too?

JB: You can only use a maximum of one Force point per round, so no. You CAN spend a Destiny point to use Force Thrust as a Reaction, however…to his charge, I suppose.

Lee: Well, I’ve only got one Destiny point…ah, what the hell. I’d rather eliminate one threat completely.

Chris: Thanks [rolls opposed STR check 11+2=13. Lee rolls 14+21=35, beating Anakin by 22 and knocking him back 5 “squares,” one plus one for each 5 points by which he exceeds the roll]. Crap.

JB: And instant karma strikes the young Padawan…don’t forget to mark down your Dark Side point as you writhe in pain and agony and take [rolls] 3more damage for hitting the ground hard.

Chris: Hey, I’ll spend a Force point as a Reaction to eliminate that Darks Side point. Hey, isn’t it Evan’s turn?

Evan: I’m going to circle around to move into a flanking position, but I’m not attacking...I am fully defensive…as you should have been young padawan.

JB: Okay, everyone roll for initiative [Lee rolls an 18+21=39; Evan rolls a 6+8=14; Chris rolls an 11+10-5=16]. Lee you start again.

Lee: I’m going to use my Presence to intimidate Obi-Wan as a standard action, and I’ll spend a Force point to Quicken Force Lightning as a swift action, really driving home the point of the discussion.

Evan: I’ll react to the Force Lightning by deflecting with my saber!

JB: Okay, okay…one thing at a time! Dooku…do your thing!

Lee (as Dooku): “You can see you’re no match for me…now back down.” [rolls 16+11=29-10 (because Dooku is clearly outnumbered if Anakin will just get off the floor) = 19, not enough to beat Obi-Wan’s Will defense] And…zap! [rolls 12+21=33, easily exceeding Obi-Wan’s Reflex defense] Taste Dark Side!

Evan: I think not [rolls 8+10=18; grimaces]. Wait, I get a re-roll on my Deflect due to Soresu, and this time I’ll spend a Force point [rolls a 15+10+9=34…just barely!].

Lee (*sighs*): Fine. [rolls 4D6 for damage because of the successful Deflection] You still take 13 points of damage.

Evan: THAT I can handle. Give it up Dooku, or we’ll be forced to destroy you! [rolls 7+5=12-5 because Dooku is a higher level than the Jedi]. Pathetic. I seem to recall Obi-Wan couldn’t even persuade Luke to travel to Alderaan with him…

Chris: I’m going to spend a move action and two swift actions to get my Second Wind and recover two-thirds the way towards upping my condition.

JB: Roll initiative guys [Lee gets a 4+21=25, Evan gets 16+8=24, Chris rolls 2+10-5=7]. All right, whathcha’ doing?

Chris: Writhing still, but spending another three swift actions to recover. My condition is now -2 and I’m two-thirds back to -1.

Evan: I’m going to move in and attack, but I’m going to use my full Melee Defense and spend a Force point on my attack roll.

Lee: I draw and activate my lightsaber and move to engage; as a standard action I am going to make a feint to try to set him up for the next turn; as a swift action I am using my lightsaber one-handed with Makashi for the parry bonus.

JB: Got it. Lee start off for Dooku.

Lee: Will do [Lee rolls 12+16=28 for Deception; Evan rolls 12+8=20 for Initiative]. Ha! Obi-Wan you disappoint me! Master Yoda spoke so highly of your saber skills!

Evan: [rolls a 19+8+7 (for Force point) = 34…not enough to break through Count Dooku’s Makashi defense]. Oh, shit. That was a 19! And now I’m flat-footed. I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

JB: Initiative and declarations! [Lee rolls a 1+21=22; Chris rolls 3+8=11; Chris rolls 9+10-2=17]

Evan: [rolls 3+8=11] Ugh…assuming I don’t get killed I’m going to switch to offense and try a Rapid Strike with no melee defense.

Chris: [rolls 9+10-2=17] I’m still recovering; I’ll be back to -1 at the end of the round and one swift action away from full…plus I’m up to 41 hit points.

Lee: [rolls 1+21=22] Yeah, but you were at 41 hit points after that first 2nd wind move action two rounds ago. I’m switching to a two-handed grip and Double Attacking Obi-Wan while his guard’s down. [rolls 4+19-10=13 and 18+19-10=27; notes Obi-Wan’s Reflex defense without DEX and dodge bonuses is 23] I’ll spend a Force point to add to that first attack [rolls 3D6 and gets a 12 increasing the score from 13 to 25; two hits!]. All right, let’s check damage [rolls 2D8+16 for both; gets a 27 and 27]. Another 54 points of damage…I told you to back down!

Evan: Yow! And that drops me to 0 hit points. At least neither blow was over my Damage Threshold; I’m still alive!

Lee: Not for long.

To Be Continued...

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