Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, THAT's a "First"

Was over at the local game shop perusing (as per my usual Friday ritual), and found a book in the "used" section that I hadn't seen before:

The 4th Edition Players Handbook.

Apparently someone has decided to move on from 4E. Whether or not this is because of a new 5th edition coming out (that I haven't heard about) or simply an acquisition of common sense is hard to tell, but it did bring a wry smile to my face.

I did not buy it.


  1. Hehehe.

    Well it has been almost two years.

    Now I love my Basic D&D and AD&D 1st ed and all my OSR clones, I still enjoy D&D 4th Ed.

    It's a different game is all. I don't try to make my Ghosts of Albion game be more like my Mage games or my Chill games, even though I could play them all with the same basic "adventure".

    I pull out my D&D4 for somethings and my D&D Rules Cyclopedia for others.

    What I have discovered that the two DMGs; 1st ed and 4th ed, are good compliments to each other too.

  2. I had a similar experience today when I dropped by my FLGS and saw that they were now selling used 1e and 2e books, instead of only the 4e stuff (and Magic the Gathering cards galore) they were selling when last I visited half a year ago. Interesting.

  3. Ha! That was probably me who 'dropped it off'. I received a copy from a WoTC employee for free right before it was officially released and ran a few games with my kids. We all decided it "was not D&D" and went back to my usual clooge of B/X/d20 - I think I've just about sold off my entire d20 collection too as there is so much stuff on the net for free...

  4. My LGS has a growing number of 4e books in the used section. Unfortunately, older stuff is becoming harder to find at that store.

  5. I would rather people keep their 4th edition stuff and sell their 1st edition I can go buy them cheap :)

  6. 4th Edition books were selling used almost the week they came out around here. Some people steal them; others just get suckered into the sensationalism of new announcements.

    Wish people would let go of their other books so easily.

    Also wish someone would make that fabulous game I'd really want to buy new. My tastes are too esoteric I guess, because people keep pumping out the same old derivative crap based on other games...