Monday, February 22, 2010

The Obsession Continues

Still on a Star Wars kick, going back and modifying prior Vader posts as I've re-watched the films (yes, he speaks Huttese now...I had to switch the INT and CHA stats and am still satisfied with the result).

Yesterday, down at Gary's I saw an absolute ton of D20 Star Wars in the "used section," but none of it was Saga Edition. In looking through (what appears to be) the 2nd incarnation of D20 Star Wars I am struck by how much I prefer the Saga edition with its five straight "heroic classes" (and one "nonheroic" class), made more customizable through the Talent tree system. Hell, even the skills in Saga are easier to track than 3rd or 3.5 edition D&D (can't believe I'm saying THAT, but yeah, it's true).

The older version of D20 Star Wars just was crazy with regard to the classes available. The Dark Side source book was a total mess I can't even begin to describe.

But oh I am still plunking away at Star Wars write-ups in my (not-so-spare) time. Hopefully this phase will pass before the end of the week!

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