Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank You to Everyone...

...who wished my family such kind thoughts on our recent addition.

I will be getting back to blogging sometime in the near future, but it may not be till after to next week. Meanwhile, to those folks who have ordered copies of the B/X Companion, please know that they are going out in the mail tomorrow. Thank you for your patience!

Oh, and by the way...? The birth of my son has inspired me in many creative ways regarding my own game design and writing. I hope that (once things settle a teensy bit), I'll be able to put some of those ideas down on the computer. I am taking notes...

: )

[also by the way, tough break for Da' Bears. I still can't help but think Rogers and the Packers get smoked if they have to play in Seattle...Hasselbeck at home is just so much better than Cutler. But that Haine kid had a chance at the end. Perhaps he'll be Chicago's starter next year? He showed some good poise and accuracy. I am now REALLY hoping that my prediction about the Jets losing is wrong, as I'd hate to see Pittsburgh in another Super Bowl, but New York is currently down by 7. My son seems to enjoy the white noise of the playoffs and slept soundly through the entire Chicago-Green Bay game...a little football fan in the making? Yay!]


  1. They're still playing football?
    There's no one to root for.

    Green Bay or Chicago. I'm from Minnesota, so no dice.
    Rex Ryan's an annoying blowhard.
    And the Steelers have a rapist for a QB.

  2. Ugh...I know what you're saying.