Saturday, January 8, 2011

Need I Say...

...I am stoked at the win.

Seahawks. Right on.

Now I can get back to my other hobbies.

[aw, who am I kidding...I'll be watching football all weekend long]


  1. Ha, man what a fricking game. Congrats JB. I have to wait until next week for my team to play.

  2. I think Pete Carroll picked a good year to flee the tire fire that was/is USC football.

  3. Congrats! Looking forward to seeing you guys at Soldier Field next weekend!

  4. So glad to see the hated division rival Saints go down to the Seahawks. Congrats JB.

    Now, go FALCONS!

  5. @ Tim: I'd wish you luck next year, but I don't know which Conference you're in.
    ; )

    @ Christian:
    : )

    @ Rhonin:
    I know the Bears are looking for a rematch, but I think we'd rather have a shot at revenge on the Falcons. "Matty Ice" hasn't shown yet he can win in the play-offs.

    @ Mike D.:
    Ya' know I love you man, but I'm hoping my Seahawks eat your Dirty Birds for lunch next week.
    ; )

  6. In point of fact, I couldn't care less about the Seahawks...


    For all of the mindless yammering of ESPN et al this past week over how it was so "wrong" for the Seahawks to be in the playoffs, I loved the win for its sheer STFU'ed-ness.

    GO HAWKS! lol